How to Install a New Suspended Ceiling

12 Nov

Ceiling Height

Suspended ceilings are very simple to install. The first thing you need to decide is the height of your ceiling. The ceiling really needs 200mm clearance to allow for the tiles to be fitted, but if your installing 600x600mm light fittings then more clearance may be necessary. Once you’ve decided on the height you then need to fix the perimeter trim.

Plan The Ceiling Layout

The next step is to decide on the layout of the ceiling. As a rule of thumb using a 600x600mm system you should have the largest cut tiles as possible around the edge. For example if your ceiling is 2700mm long then your edge tiles should be 450mm wide (not 150mm wide), with an equal cut size on the adjacent side. An easy way to work this out is to enter your room dimensions in to a ceiling calculator  and it will work out the cut tile sizes for you.

Install Ceiling Grid System

After you’ve determined the layout of your ceiling grid you need to fix the main tees (main support bars) at 1200mm centres using ceiling suspension wire. The wire should also be set out at 1200mm centres. Then clip the 1200mm cross tees at 600mm centres between the main tees and 600mm cross tees between the 1200mm cross tees. For cross tees at the edge of the ceiling, professionals always use 1200mm cross tees, because they are slightly longer than two 600mm cross tees, but if your fitting the ceiling yourself it doesn’t really matter.

Install Ceiling Tiles

To finish off its just a matter of fitting the tiles. Ceiling tiles can usually be cut very easily using a stanley knife and a straight edge. If your ceiling tiles have a tegular edge detail, then first cut the tiles as though your fitting square edge tiles. Fit the tile in to the grid system and score the tile using the perimeter trim as your straight edge. Next remove the tile from the grid and cut out the tegular rebate. Once this is complete the tile is then ready to be fitted back in to the grid system.

Suspended ceilings are relatively easy to install but if all this sounds a bit too complicated or beyond your DIY skills, then you could always use a professional ceiling contractor.

To buy the ceiling tiles and grid then you could try looking at these suspended ceiling suppliers, most will supply direct to the public.


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